Mark Goldman Represents Scott Bundgaard

Initially Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard didn’t tell ABC15 or other reporters about a gun allegedly involved in the freeway fight with his then girlfriend Aubry Ballard.

Bundgaard’s attorney Mark Goldman says that’s because he was trying to “de-escalate” the media coverage surrounding the events that happened in the late evening of Feb. 25.

But a Glock 36, as Goldman refers to the gun, was reportedly in the console of Bundgaard’s car.

Goldman says after his client, Arizona State Senator Bundgaard pulled over his vehicle next to the median and exited the car to pick-up clothing on the freeway, he says Ballard pulled the gun from the center console.

Goldman says as Bundgaard approached the car, he saw his girlfriend holding the weapon.

“He removed the gun from her possession,” said Goldman. “I believe he just grabbed it out of her hand [and] threw it in the backseat of the car, so she could no longer reach it and then removed her from the car.”

When Goldman showed ABC15 the gun Saturday, it was initially in what he calls a plastic evidence bag. The attorney, who represents celebrities and high profile clients, put on gloves to remove the weapon because he claimed it may contain Ballard’s prints.

“We’re looking at the Glock itself in the holster that was in at the time,” said Goldman.

Goldman said Bundgaard told police later about Ballard allegedly handling the gun during that freeway altercation.

But that detail never ended in the police report. Why? Goldman says he has no idea.

“That’s the $60,000 question,” he said.

The media was not informed about the gun until this week when Bundgaard reportedly told the closed senate caucus about the gun.

Goldman said Bundgaard underwent a polygraph examination earlier in the week to clear his name and prove he was telling the truth about the gun accusation and other details.

On the question of whether he asserted legislative immunity, Goldman says Bundgaard never asserted legislative immunity while being detained.

“He never asserted legislative immunity; He merely told them he was a state senator,” said Goldman.

On Bundgaard’s future — Goldman says his client has not been arrested or charged and would not resign from his majority leadership position in the senate.

“Certainly not for the political gain of others will he,” said Goldman.