Mark Goldman tells Scottsdale HOA they are not “Above the Law”

Many Valley residents have had frustrating experiences with their homeowners association and now so has a popular action hero.

Actor Steven Seagal is fighting with his HOA in north Scottsdale.

He lives in a gated community with multi-million dollar homes.

“I think this kind of activity is a little bit heavy-handed, all they had to do was contact my attorney,” said Seagal. “They know who he is and as far as I’m aware I’m the only home where they’ve put these boulders.”

Seagal asked that ABC15 not show what he looks like right now because he says he’s working on some undercover projects with law enforcement.

But he and his attorney say this all started when the HOA started complaining about workers’ vehicles parked in front of the actor’s north Scottsdale home.

“They were very upset because there were numerous cars here, but there had to be cars here because the home hadn’t been lived in for two years,” said Seagal’s attorney, Mark Goldman.

Emails went back and forth between Goldman and the HOA management company. Then last week the fight really picked up steam when some Fred Flintstone-sized boulders started appearing one after another along the road in front of Seagal’s property.

“I was shocked to see that someone, I’m assuming the homeowners association, dropped these boulders off on both sides of my house where I own the property,” Seagal said.

His attorney argues not only are the boulders an eyesore but could pose a potential safety risk, especially at night.

“It’s causing a danger and a hazard to anyone who comes up and down the road,” Seagal said.

No one from the HOA or its management company returned our calls, but records show the actor owns the property on both sides of the road.

“The reason he moved into a gated HOA was so that he could have peace and tranquility,” Goldman said. “Instead this HOA has done nothing but act with him in an argumentative manner.”